Spray Jig Box

One customer  came to us  to see if we could assist in solving a

problem they were having with manufacturing some display lenses .

They were constructing bulb holders for back lit bar displays.

This required the internal lens area to be sprayed white to give an

even opaque light. The rest of the component needed to remain

free from spray marking. There was a high number to be sprayed

and individual masking was not an option. We took their component

and designed a simple box which held four lenses enabling them

to be sprayed simultaneously.

The design was broken down to component parts and laid out for

cutting on the laser. Pre sized Acrylic sheets were used and loaded

in the machine for cutting. Once completed the individual parts

were separated into unit items ready for assembly.

Like a model kit the individual parts were bonded together to

create the completed spray jig. By having a number of these

boxes the customer was able to speed up production and

complete the order on schedule.