From Concept to design

Working closely with customers we can take an idea and turn it into reality, whether is a simple engraving or sophisticated

gasket. Below is an example of how we turned a simple request into a finished part.

The Customer Request

One customer came to Laser Engraving with a design brief requiring

stands to put their new computers on. They wanted an aesthetically

pleasing acrylic stand to raise their computers off the floor to aid

cooling and reduce dust intake from the new flooring.

The Design

We took one of the clients’ computers so that critical proportions

required for the stand could be noted. Having taken all the required

dimensions the initial concepts were assembled and a final plan and

layout was put together for customer approval .

Client Approval

Having had the design approved the parts were then laser cut from

sheet acrylic and assembled to check fit. The prototype was assembled

and glued together for final approval by the client.


The customer was very happy with the design and effect and ordered 12 units in various coloured acrylic for their offices.