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Engineering has a wide and varied cross section of applications and requirements which we can often help with.

See below a small selection of applications and projects we have helped or been involved with.

View showing a brake caliper with laser engraved identification number. Laser engraved part marking added to component part

Product  identification and  marking is an

important part of any finished product.

Both GEMS Performance Electronics

(above) and Oxford Technical Solutions

(below) use our service for their

component parts.

Gaskets, spacers and inserts can be cut or produced to customer specification.

Part marking and identification of

engineered components is an

important part of the manufacturing

process especially when tracing

the usage history of an item.

All sort of parts are brought to us

for marking as were these acrylic

measuring cups. The graduations

had to be precisely positioned for

accurate measurement as they

were to be used for calibration of

drink dispensers.